Online VAT Registration in UAE

VAT Registration in UAE

Online VAT Registration in UAE

VAT will be implemented from 1st January 2018. Online VAT Registration in UAE has been started for the businesses to get register and get the Tax Registration Number (TRN). 

SAB will assist you to get the Tax Registration Number (TRN) for your business. 

As per the latest information available from the Federal Tax Authority, VAT registration is now open. We remind you to be prepared for VAT registration in time to avoid any legal penalty.

  • If your turnover for the last 1 year is more than AED 375,000, you have to register  Mandatory on or before 31st October 2017
  • If your turnover for the last 1 year is between AED 187,500 you have to register  Voluntarily on or before 30th  November  2017

The Federal Tax Authority is keen to give the business sectors sufficient time to adapt their operating systems to the requirements of the VAT system,” Director-General of FTA, said.

“The registration portal is available to all businesses around the clock to assure the ease and usefulness of the registration procedures to all businesses from all sectors through the website, which has been specially designed to meet international standards and to provide guidance to registrars on the completion of their applications.”

The FTA has urged all businesses to learn and understand the implications of the VAT system and to align their work with the reporting and compliance requirements by the government. Businesses are also asked to ensure that they meet the conditions that allow them to uphold their obligations, which might call for making certain changes.

Once the Online VAT Registration is done, a tax identification number will be allocated, the authority will issue a TRN. In the application, the company’s name as well as the name of the manager should be filled in Arabic. The applicant should fill the name of the bank, branch and the IBAN number of the UAE bank in which it operates.

SAB Auditing is one of the Registered Tax Agent in UAE. SAB is authorized by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to be appointed as Tax Agent by the companies and businesses to represent them before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

SAB is equipped with a team of thriving VAT specialists who can help your business to overcome expected roadblocks such as lack of familiarity with VAT rules & regulations, structure and compliance issues, lack of resources and lack of a compliant accounting system.

55 thoughts on “Online VAT Registration in UAE

  • please Contact and advise for vat registration This is Construction Base Company
    Shahbaz Ahmed

  • Hi,
    We don’t have a Bank Account associated with our firm, so how should i give financial statement and bank details. Please help me.

    • Bank account is a MUST. without bank account, you cannot register your company under Federal Tax Authority (FTA). you need to open your company’s bank account as soon as possible.

  • How to change the Legal Name? I already registered in a VAT as group registration but when I check my application I found out that I put the incorrect details, by mistake, I put the name of the owner instead of the name of the company in Legal name.

  • in our company there is 2 partner one of our partner visa got expair can we register and our trade licence is getting expire end of this month

  • Regarding online VAT Registration in U.A.E.,I wish to know that

    1)what is the basic criteria for selecting from the list on the basis of the nature of business (About the applicant-On what basis are you applying for registration?) . Please explain in detail in the list one by one with example.
    2) Can I change TIN number details before authorising VAT Group tax final authorisation. If not ,how can change it.

  • We received below email, please advise how to get Tax Registration Number.
    We have received only TIN.

    Dear Applicant

    We would like to bring to your kind attention that you have received a Tax Identification Number (TIN) on the basis of applying to register a tax group, please complete your application by adding members of the tax group in order to be issued with the Tax Registration Number (TRN).
    If you don’t have a valid Tax Registration application registered by 31 December 2017 while you are liable to be registered, you shall be issued with an late registration administrative penalty after January 1st 2018.

    Kind regards
    Federal Tax Authority

    • your application for the VAT registration is incomplete.
      you need to complete it before the end of this year.
      let us know if you want us to complete the registration.
      Contact: +971 50 181 2155

      • Hi SAB, same email I received from the FTA. but in my case, we have already TRN and the status of our Tax group registration is Approved. But, for the VAT status is Suspended and it’s De-Register. What should I do?

  • Hi SAB,
    We are operating in Abu Dhabi as a Branch of Egypt based Company with Branch Trade license. We are new in UAE and are Real Estate Developers. Since we are new and there is no revenue for us (finalising our agreements with consultants and contractors), should we register for VAT ? We do not have audited financials nor any Income. Our expense now is only salaries and office utilities etc.. Please clarify if we need to be registered for VAT ? If so, please advise what will be your charges for VAT registration.

    Thanks and regards
    Sajeev Sadasivan
    050 445 2468

    • If your annual turnover is more than AED 375,000 then you need to register mandatorily.
      If your annual turnover is less than AED 375,000 then the registration will be voluntarily.

      For VAT Registration and VAT Services, Feel Free to contact us!

  • Hi sir,
    I have a small technical services company in Dubai economy registered.
    I start my company last year September 2017, and my business start December 2017. I think my yearly turnover around 300,000 AED. I need to register my company in VAT now is possible?

    • Yes, FTA urge businesses to be registered for VAT as soon as possible and the VAT Registration is open to avoid fines and penalties.
      Contact Us: +971 50 181 2155
      We will help you in VAT Registration!

  • hello brother how r u

    our trade license exp how can vat registration with out renew licence because i need 1 month more trade license renewal
    our clint ask me TRN no. how can make invoice
    our last year turnover less than 375000

    • You can register your company with an expired trade license and after renewal you will upload the renewed trade license. Contact us and we will help you in VAT registration and getting the TRN. Thanks

  • Hi SAB,

    we are newly opened company in Ras al Khaimah in Feb-2017. we have less turnover than 187,500 at the moment and even bank account is also recently opened.
    Does we need to make VAT registration? We applied for TRN number but it is rejected. Can you please help us to come out from this figure??

    • You do not have to register as you are new company and your turnover is less than the threshold amount. Apply for the VAT registration when you will exceed the threshold amount. Thanks let us know if you need any kind of financial assistance.

  • hi
    we have received TIN but not TRN.
    Are we required to do some additional compliance for TRN ?

  • Hi
    Our office is sales branch of Korean H/Q.
    We just have our office in Dubai to do sales activity in Middle East and Africa region. Finance is coltrolled by H/Q in Korea.
    So We don’t have any income.
    However we need TRN for dubai customs declaration.
    I already applied TRN but they require some documents which we can not provide.
    What should we do??

  • Hello,

    What would be if the company registered in the Free zone and making only export sales exceeds the threshold of 375,000 AED and rejects from registration for VAT in UAE? what could be the consequences?

  • I need a VAT reg. No.
    I’m not able to match prices because of purchasing with vat and selling without VAT.
    What is the solution

  • For the new company, if they do not have sales then they dont have to register yet. They will be eligible to register when their threshold will exceed AED 187,500.

  • I have 2 questions
    1. I have registered a company establishment 100% under local name. And I have power of attorney. Now the applicant will be natural person or legal person?
    2. Currently I have visa from other company, but I have only power of attorney for new company and I will be managing the new company. Can I add my name under manager/ceo name? Or it should be the local owner?

  • Please note that one of our company started in 2004, however not actively doing business and there were no transactions. The trade license used for employee visas. Now the company wants to register for VAT. Still no sales yet. is it possible to register with sale order. is it mandatory to show financial statements for the past years(not available).

    Please advise

    • Please share your contact details with us and one of our representatives will contact you. Or call # 050 454 8424 / 04 259 4747

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