How to apply for online VAT Registration in UAE?


UAE Online VAT Registration

There is a criteria for online UAE VAT Registration. All the taxable businesses must complete VAT Registration and get the TRN to collect VAT in UAE.  Once the registration is open, the steps to be taken to complete the VAT registration are outlined below:

1. Create a new account to login

a. Provide name and other basic details and set new password
b. Verify the email

2. Once login, user can register for VAT. Complete the registration form and on successful registration, Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be provided to the user.

Who should Register for VAT?

Every taxable person who is a resident in the UAE and whose value of annual supplies in the UAE exceeds or is expected to exceed the mandatory registration threshold will have to register for VAT in UAE. The threshold limits for VAT registration are as follows:

  1. Mandatory VAT Registration Threshold = AED 375,000
  2. Voluntary VAT Registration Threshold = AED 187,500

For VAT registration in UAE, the total value of taxable supplies made for the current month and previous 11 months shall be considered for calculating the annual supplies. Also, the expected value of supplies for next 30 days will be considered to determine if the annual supplies will exceed the threshold.

No threshold will be considered for a non-resident taxable person (taxable person without having fixed establishment) to determine his VAT registration. Such taxable persons will be required to register mandatory.

Tax Agent in UAE - Tax Agent Dubai - FTA Tax agent

Being your tax agent, SAB will be responsible to provide all the records, information, documents, and financial data to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) if requested to submit on behalf of you. We will act as a Tax Agent on behalf of you to handle all tax affairs with the FTA.

SAB is equipped with a team of thriving VAT specialists who can help your business to overcome expected roadblocks such as lack of familiarity with VAT rules & regulations, structure and compliance issues, lack of resources and lack of a compliant accounting system.

36 thoughts on “How to apply for online VAT Registration in UAE?

  • Hi sir,
    I have recently submitted my application for tax registration but it’s still pending in there system and 4th December is almost here and my application statys is pending !
    What does it mean?
    And in how many days they will review or accept my application?

  • Hi,
    May I kindly ask , because we register for VAT since Nov. 29 but it is still pending,
    Is it normal ? i tried to called them but unfortunately line is busy everytime
    Thank u 🙂
    Your Kind Response is highly appreciated

    • FTA will issue the TRN soon if all the information is correct otherwise they will ask you to provide more information or change some wrong information and then you will get the TRN.

      Let us know if you need VAT services or any other financial services.


    • On your portal there is a button of ‘My payments’, go there and select ‘Printed Tax Registration Number Certificate’ and then write down your TRN and pay AED 500 through your credit card and apply for the Certificate. Thanks!

  • Hi i registered under mandatory but i put sales figure 370k and submitted the same.

    What i have to retrive it pls help

    As my file is still showing pending

    • Wait for FTA’s response and then they will allow you to edit your details on FTA portal.
      Do let us know if you need VAT services, if you make mistakes they will put a penalty of AED 20K.
      let our TAX EXPERTS handle the Tax situations carefully.

  • Hi,
    I received the email from fta- “In order to process your registration for VAT, the Federal Tax Authority would like to receive further details regarding your application:
    • Kindly correct the basis that you applying for registration to be matched with the trade license To Legal person – Incorporated (LLC, LLP, Partnership, etc.) “section (1)” • Kindly correct the legal name in Arabic & English to be matched “Exactly” with the trade license “section (2)” the legal name is trade name not owner name
    —- i already edit the section 1 and 2 , now im in section 7 DECLARATION- authorization may include power of attorney document.what is that mean? a authorization or declaration letter or i need also a power of attorney letter with notary ?

    • You can apply for the VAT Certificate from your FTA portal,On your portal there is a button of ‘My payments’, go there and select ‘Printed Tax Registration Number Certificate’ and then write down your TRN and pay AED 500 through your credit card and apply for the Certificate. On the VAT Certificate, it will mentioned that when to file the VAT Returns and yes we do provide VAT Training as well as we have Customized VAT Compliant Software. Contact: +971 50 181 2155. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    you wrote that the non-resident has also to register in case supplying in UAE. But how if one of the requirements is to provide Copy of Trade License??? this license needs also to have a fixed establishment???


    • For an individual person, you will select the category of ‘Natural Person’ not ‘Legal Person’ and it will not ask about the Trade license because it is not necessary. Thanks

  • hi…our VAT status is shown as approved but there is no file in download section….in how many days it will be provided to us..?

  • Hi, After registering online in fta, when will the Tax Registration Number be obtained…? Are there any further details to be sent to get the TRN,, and to whom should the details be sent? Please advise.

    • You cannot issue a Tax Invoice without Tax Registration Number (TRN). Wait for the TRN. Thanks and let us know if you want us to handle your VAT as we are authorized ‘Tax Agent’ form Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

  • We are a UK consulting company and we are opening a branch office (2 person sales office) in Knowledge Village.
    We will continue to invoice our clients directly from the UK. The branch office will have a Commercial License, but will not make any invoices. So the UAE turnover will be zero.
    The only real taxable supplies will be the small office rent (AED175,000). The branch office will not even have a bank account. All bills will be paid directly from the UK.
    Some people say that we should register for VAT. Some say that we should not. Can you help please?

    • If the invoice is being raised by the UAE’s office and it crosses the turnover of AED 375,000 then you must register.
      If it is less than AED 375,000 then it will be voluntarily, if do not register then it will not be an issue.

      Thank you.

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