Financial Audit for Trakhees

Financial Audit for Trakhees | SAB Auditing

Financial Audit for Trakhees

Financial audit for Trakhees is required by all the businesses under the license of Trakhees authority for license renewal. Following are the zones which comes under the jurisdiction of Trakhees:

  • Nakheel
  • Limitless
  • Dubai Maritime City

All the businesses registered in the above mentioned zones must submit a financial audit report to their respective authorities for the purpose of license renewal. 

SAB Auditing is one of the approved auditors from the Trakhees. We offer financial audit services to all the companies which comes under the jurisdiction of Trakhees. We will prepare the audit  report as per the standard and regulations set by the authorities. 

A financial report audited by the approved auditor is mandatory to be submitted in order to renew the business licenses. Trakhees will not renew any business license who does not submit an audit report. 

As per the executive regulation of Trakhees, The auditor shall audit the accounts of the FZE or FZCO once a year and prepare an auditor’s report.

Financial Audit Services for Trakhees

An auditor’s report shall:

(a) Identify the standards or principles used in preparing the accounts;
(b) State whether in the auditor’s opinion the accounts have been prepared in accordance with these Regulations and applicable laws, standards and principles;
(c) State whether the accounts give a true and fair presentation of the financial affairs; and
(d) State any other matter or opinion required under these Regulations.

An auditor has the right to access the Records of the FZE and FZCO that may be required for the audit. An auditor may require such information as the auditor may consider necessary. The FZE or FZCO shall disclose the requested information to the auditor.

SAB Auditing is also providing audit reports for renewal of trade license purposes. Many companies in UAE are required to submit an audit report to their relevant authorities before renewing the trade license. SAB will assist your company in this regard and prepare an audit report by offering best audit services

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