July 10, 2017

VAT Consultancy

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VAT Consultancy Services in UAE

VAT in UAE has been implemented from January 1, 2018 and the VAT registration has been opened from October 1, 2017. VAT in UAE will cause a paradigm shift in the business dynamics of the country. The challenge for the business community will be to understand the VAT law and get your business ready before the implementation of VAT.

VAT Consultants UAE

Regarding the VAT implementation and VAT law in UAE, SAB is offering VAT consultancy services in Dubai, Dubai. The purpose of the VAT consultancy is to bring all the businesses as per the laws and guidelines of the Federal Tax Authroity (FTA). A professional VAT consultancy from the registered Tax Agents in UAE will help you to avoid heavy VAT fines and penalties. SAB experts are the best VAT consultants in Dubai and they are providing authentic and accurate advices on every tiny critical issues about VAT in UAE and offering best VAT consultancy services in Dubai.

VAT Consultancy Services Dubai

Our VAT experts will help you in following factors:

  1. Understand the needs of a client’s business.
  2. Estimate the impact of VAT on client’s business.
  3. Pre and Post impact of VAT in the processes of a business.
  4. VAT issues and interests.
  5. Refunds of VAT for a business.
  6. Analysis of positive and negative impact of VAT on business.
  7. How to cover all the elements and aspects of VAT.
  8. Providing most accurate and updated information about VAT law and VAT regulations for timely and quality decision making.
  9. SAB Experts will advice you a comprehensive action plan to take control of VAT.
  10. Our VAT consultants will answer all your questions and queries regarding VAT in UAE.
  11. VAT health check and VAT assurance.

Dubai Customs Clearance Agents

SAB Auditing of Accounts will also assist you and provide consultancy in every kind of affair regarding Dubai Customs. SAB Auditing has official relation with Dubai Customs and our Dubai Customs Clearance Agents will help you in all the matters that are concerned with Dubai Customs. SAB will help you in clearing all types of shipments with and without having the Tax Registration Number (TRN).

SAB VAT Consultants

VAT Consultants in Dubai will perform the VAT impact assessment and structure your business in the most effective and efficient manner with regards to registration of VAT and filing of VAT return, in accordance with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requirements.

SAB Auditing will take care of all the issues of VAT and provide you advises in light of a latest changes in the VAT laws and VAT rules. VAT consultancy will be given by the General Director, Saeed Al Bannai.

SAB are registered Tax Agents by FTA and approved audit firm in Dubai by Ministry of Economy. SAB is also offering other financial services such as:


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