October 1, 2020

Fraud Investigation Audit Services

Fraud Investigation Audit Services in Dubai

Fraud Audit Services

SAB Auditing is providing fraud investigation audit services to prepare an audit report for Dubai Police. Fraud Investigation Audit is called Forensic Audit.

A fraud audit is conducted to detect and identify fraud and prevent fraud, terror finance, and money laundering. Fraud investigation is based on a complete examination of the financial records of a company to discover financial irregularities.

A fraud audit also identifies any financial errors, determines the suspect, obtains notable evidence against the suspect, and provides a suitable recommendation to prevent such frauds in the future.

Dubai Police Audit Report

SAB Auditing is providing the best fraud investigation audit services in order to assist the companies who are facing financial or any other kind of deformity in their businesses. SAB Auditing will prepare a Dubai Police audit report which is mandatory for businesses to submit to Dubai Police in order to file a case against the guilty. 

Forensic Audit

A fraud investigation auditor is known as a forensic auditor, who is an expert in the investigation of audits. A fraud auditor scrutinizes the financial records of a company, in order to trace the suspect and the fraud that was committed.

Purpose of a Fraud Investigation Audit Report

  • A fraud investigation audit helps to determine any internal frauds or any other kind of irregularities;
  • It reinforces the company‚Äôs control mechanism;
  • A fraud investigation audit report can save a company from long-term damage and helps to retain the reputation of the organization;
  • A fraud audit report acts as factual information that can be used as a document in a court of law or to Dubai Police.

Fraud Investigation Audit services in Dubai, UAE

  • Analyzing and evaluating the suspected financial and operational reports of the company;
  • Assisting the company in fraud prevention by conducting an investigative diagnostic review;
  • Preparing a fraud investigation report based on investigation reviews;
  • Recommendation of relative actions to protect the company and prevent fraud in the future.

Forensic Audit Services

The risks and frauds are increasing, companies are looking for forensic audit services to carry out an investigation to bring out the truth.

SAB Auditing is the best audit firm in Dubai and delivers highly authentic and accurate Forensic Audit and Fraud Investigation services across various sectors to help clients manage incidents of fraud and drive value.

Our specialization in forensic audit enables us to assist companies in detecting misconduct and investigating complex situations when there is a suspected act of fraud. 

SAB Auditing is providing all kinds of audit services including internal audit, external audit, company liquidation auditrisk management audit, and tax audit. Businesses in UAE require different kinds of audit as per their requirement. SAB audit report is approved by the Ministry of Economy (MOE).