December 15, 2021

HR and Payroll Services

HR and Payroll Services in Dubai

HR and Payroll Services in Dubai

A company’s employees are some of its most valuable assets. Recruiting, training, employment processing, and retaining talented professionals take a ton of work; not to mention a knowledgeable Human Resources (HR) department.

SAB Auditing have the best supporting team to assist you handling your Human resources process and payroll accounting in UAE. Our experience in this field is high reputable due to professionality in work and maintain client confidentiality as well.

Outsourcing HR & Payroll services in Dubai can help companies to control costs, manage risks of mistakes, reduce employer errors, maintain confidentiality, and improve processes effectively and efficiency. We are offering best HR and payroll services in Dubai with the help of top professionals, provide top class payroll and HR solutions to all companies.

Why HR and Payroll services in Dubai are important?

HR is one of the most important departments in any company that play an essential role structure the policies and procedures for work environment. Also, HR have to calculate wages and salaries based on working days and hours for each employee in addition to initiating payment slip.

Moreover, HR should reconcile with accounting department wages and salaries account and maintain confidentiality for each employee salary amount and related contract. We dedicate resources to ensure all tasks are managed by experts whilst satisfying legislative requirements.

HR and Payroll Services Scope

  • Define salary’s elements
  • Provide vacation records for each employee
  • Calculate salary, check deductions and adjust accordingly per employee
  • Adjust & update the salary system to ensure the proper functioning
  • Prepare monthly payroll for all employees, taking into account salaries and other benefits as well as any required deductions
  • Validate pay slips and maintain a register.
  • Maintain payroll bookkeeping records by preparing journal entries
  • Reconcile balances with Finance team

How SAB can help you?

Due to the difficulties of HR responsibilities and high operating cost, our duty in success is to wave all of this from your shoulder and provide our exceptional services as which help companies to focus on core business and maintain high level of quality as your partner in success. 

Forget about maintaining an inhouse HR department. Our solutions won’t just save valuable time but also cut costs as we streamline all HR processes. We offer flexible HR and payroll outsourcing services, tailored solutions that cater to the needs and requirements of different organizations.

Our main purpose is to aid clients in realizing the best results. When you choose the firm, you will enjoy peace of mind which comes from unparalleled support and minimized risk. We also make it easier to optimize company processes, for best and professional HR and payroll services in Dubai, Contact us.

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