July 16, 2017

VAT Training

VAT Training in Dubai, UAE

VAT Training in Dubai

SAB Auditing of Accounts is pleased and thrilled to launch VAT Training in Dubai. This particularly designed VAT Training program analyze the rules and regulations of VAT in UAE and clearly shows the main contents, procedures and controls that should be established to ensure VAT returns are submitted correctly and accurately and on time. VAT Training in Dubai will make sure that all the procedures are according to the standards of Federal Tax Authority (FTA). VAT Training is one of the most demanded course in Dubai, UAE.

Our training can be one to one or a group session and will give you a complete understanding of VAT in UAE, covering all the important and vital topics and giving you the  faith and the confidence to know if you are dealing with VAT in Dubai correctly.

  • Awareness of the VAT in UAE 
  • Impact of VAT on the businesses
  • VAT Rates in UAE
  • Input & Output of VAT in UAE
  • Preparation of VAT Invoices
  • Required documents for VAT Registration
  • VAT Registration process
  • Filing of VAT Returns
  • Claiming of VAT Refunds
  • Error in VAT calculations
  • VAT fines and penalties
  • VAT Accounting Procedures
  • VAT Voluntary Disclosure

VAT Certification in UAE

Course Outline

What is VAT?

Concept of VAT
Input and Output VAT

Categories of Supplies

Taxable Supplies
Reduce rated Supplies
Zero rated Supplies
Exempt Supplies
Zero Rated Vs. Exempt

VAT Registration

Documents required for VAT registration
VAT De-Registration laws
How to obtain Tax Registration Number (TRN)

VAT Calculation

VAT calculation on export and import
Calculating Input VAT (Purchases & Expenses)
Calculating Output VAT (Sales, Services & Gifts)

VAT Administration

VAT Return Filings
VAT Refund Filings
VAT Voluntary Disclosures
VAT Amendments & Re-considerations

VAT Fines & Penalties

Late payment/ submission penalties
Errors and penalties
Administrative penalties

VAT invoicing & Record Keeping

Format of the VAT Invoice
Charging VAT on Invoice price
VAT invoices Record Keeping

VAT Errors

VAT errors in reporting 
Errors in VAT filing 
VAT Health Check up

SAB is one of the approved tax agents in UAE and cover all the aspects of VAT. SAB is providing the following services in terms of VAT:

i) VAT Registration     ii) VAT Return Filing     iii) Claim VAT Refunds     iv) VAT Training     v) VAT Consultancy     vi) VAT De registration

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