How to submit VAT reconsideration form in UAE?

VAT reconsideration in UAE | How to submit VAT reconsideration form in UAE

VAT Reconsideration Form in UAE

VAT reconsideration form has been introduced by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in order to review the tax penalty appeals made by the taxable businesses or individuals.  Businesses in UAE must follow the rules and regulations of FTA in order to avoid VAT and excise tax fines and penalties

Any sort of non compliance will attract heavy fines and penalties from the authorities. Businesses can submit VAT reconsideration form in UAE if they are not satisfied with the reason due to which FTA imposed a penalty. FTA will accept the application and review the case, if the reason is valid then FTA will revise the decision. 

Circumstances to Submit the VAT Reconsideration Form?

The taxable persons mainly submit the VAT Reconsideration form to the FTA to get a waiver on the penalties. There are many reasons for the FTA to impose VAT penalties on taxable persons. The following are the major reasons that attract VAT penalties in the UAE

  1. Late VAT Return filing
  2. Late VAT payment
  3. Late VAT registration
  4. Late VAT deregistration
  5. Missing records and not maintaining a proper accounts 
  6. Submission of wrong documents/information

UAE VAT reconsideration

If you wish to submit a reconsideration application in relation to any decision made by the FTA, please be informed that VAT reconsideration form must be submitted within 20 business days after getting a fine from FTA.  Moreover, any supporting documents need to be submitted in Arabic only.

Companies in UAE often struggle with the language barrier and the lack of knowledge about the FTA laws. SAB Auditing is one of the registered tax agents in UAE by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). We will assist you in waiving off all kinds of VAT and excise tax penalties in the UAE. VAT reconsideration services from a tax agent like SAB, will make the process extremely hassle free and more authentic. 

How SAB Auditing can help in tax penalties waive off?

Being a tax agent in Dubai UAE, we will prepare a strong case for you with all the supportive documents and justifications that why a penalty from FTA should not be imposed. FTA is very responsive in regards to VAT reconsideration applications and they are waiving off most of the tax penalties if the application contains valid and justified requests. 

If your company have received a VAT fine or excise tax fine, SAB will help you in getting a waive off or maximum reduction. SAB will assist you in getting VAT fines reductions and discounts.

Ensuring VAT compliance is a legal compulsion in the UAE or else the taxable persons have to face hefty penalties by the FTA. The FTA may penalize the taxable persons for various reasons including delay in VAT return submission, delay in settlement of due tax, late registration, and deregistration of VAT, etc. However, the taxable person can object to the decision made by the FTA by submitting a VAT Reconsideration request.

VAT Reconsideration services

Submitting a VAT reconsideration request to the FTA requires sound knowledge about the tax laws and the Arabic language. However, the foreign businesses may find this tough and in such cases, the assistance of reputed tax agents in Dubai becomes a necessity for the taxable persons.

SAB Auditing is one of the most reputed tax consultants in Dubai which has a team of highly qualified tax agents. SAB’s tax agents assist the businesses in properly preparing and submitting the reconsideration form to the FTA with solid evidence and proper justifications.

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