July 10, 2017

Audit Services in Dubai

audit services in dubai

Audit Services in Dubai

Audit services in Dubai are required from many companies and organizations in Dubai, the trend of audit is revamping in UAE because the investors, shareholders and partners are requesting for more details and transparency from the organization in order to ensure the security of their money. Audit plays a very key role in assisting investors and shareholders to evaluate and analyze the entire financial position of the business.

SAB Auditing is ranked among the leading audit firms in DubaiOur auditors provide the best auditing services in Dubai and conduct an audit which ensures the authenticity of financial information of a company. Our auditors prepare an audit report by following standards of International Standards of Auditing (ISA). At SAB, we cover all the contents and modules of audit services in order to fulfil the business demands of the clients according to the modern dynamic market environment.

Auditing Services in Dubai – UAE

SAB audit services include internal audit servicesaudit reports servicescompany liquidation audit services, risk management audit services and tax audit services. Businesses in UAE require different kinds of audit as per their requirement. SAB audit report is approved by the Ministry of Economy (MOE).

Internal Audit

Internal Audit help businesses to enhance the efficiency of their operations by improving the performance and value of the business. Internal audit services in Dubai add value and boost the business operations to achieve the business strategic goals and objectives by evaluating and controlling the internal risk factors and governance processes

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Financial Audit Reports

Financial audit reports is also known as external audit and it helps to identify the issues occurring in the internal financial operation and critical deep insights that can help the company to address the present and future threats and challenges to take decisions accordingly. Financial audit reports consists of balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statement and change of equity statement. SAB provides best financial audit reports services in Dubai.

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Company Liquidation Audit

Instability of the market and other economic factors are pushing the businesses with small funds to liquidate the company. Company liquidation is a very time taking and complicated procedure as the government authorities in UAE are asking for company liquidation audit report which proves that the company do not have any kind of liabilities.

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Risk Management Audit

Any kind of risk can affect the performance of the company. Risk management audit services in Dubai help businesses to identify the risks and threats in order to find out the effective solutions of those risks in time in order to avoid the disasters of the risk and to have a complete control of the situation.

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Tax Audit

Businesses in UAE must prepare themselves for official and mandatory audits from Federal Tax Authority (FTA) as it has been one year since the VAT has been implemented in UAE. Tax audit ensures that all the tax returns and tax matters are in line with the rules and laws of the FTA.

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audit services in dubai

Approved Auditors in Dubai

SAB Auditing provide auditing services in UAE with optimum care, high efficiency and flawless professional approach. Our auditors look at the financials not just from the perspective of the management, but also from the users of the financials like banks and financial institutions. SAB’s approach for audit is more than just numbers.

Our chartered accountants gather information and work closely with the clients, yet independently and encourage an open communication in order to completely understand the client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum. 

Our auditors conduct objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews before making any decision in order to provide high standard audit services in Dubai. We have a team of highly professionals and approved auditors who are well aware of the procedures, methods and latest techniques of audit, Contact us for audit services in Dubai.

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