July 10, 2017

Audit Services in Dubai

Audit Services in Dubai

Saeed Al Bannai (SAB) offers extensive audit services in Dubai. Auditing is one of our primary service, our certified chartered accountants produce audit services in Dubai according to the International Standards of Auditing (ISA).

SAB is ranked among the leading audit firms in Dubai and the best auditors in Dubai are engaged with our audit firm and they offer have an ideal mix of experience, knowledge, resources and connections to meet the requirements of our clients.

Audit Firms in Dubai

Saeed Al Bannai (SAB) Auditing of Accounts proposes wide range of audit services in Dubai. Our auditors in Dubai cover all the elements and aspects of audit and assurance to accomplish the business demands of the clients according to the modern dynamic market environment.
Saeed Al Bannai (SAB) Auditing of Accounts is offering the following Audit and Assurance services:
  1. Audit Reports

  2. Internal Audit

  3. Financial Statement

  4. Risk Management

  5. Company Liquidation

Approved Auditors in Dubai

Our Audit techniques are managed with optimal care, high efficiency and maximum professional approach. Our clients only deserve the best audit services and our vast experience in UAE will assure you that your company will receive the best and timely auditing and assurance services without compromising quality.

Our auditors look at the financials not just from the perspective of the management who present the financials, but also from the users of the financials like banks and financial institutions. Our Auditors in Dubai will prepare the opening balance sheet.

Audit Firms in Dubai – UAE

Saeed Al Bannai (SAB) Auditing of Accounts is the best auditing firm in UAE. Our chartered accountants gather information and work closely with the clients, yet independently and encourage an open communication in order to completely understand the client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum. Before making audit decisions, our expert and experienced auditors conduct objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews.

SAB Auditing of Accounts is a well recognized audit company in Dubai and we have a reputation of providing highly authentic and quality Audit services in Dubai. We have a team of experienced and certified chartered accountants who are well aware of the rules, procedures, methods and latest techniques. If you are looking for standardized Audit and Assurance service in Dubai, Sign Up now!