VAT Rates in UAE

VAT Rates in UAE There are three types of VAT Rates in UAE. The standard VAT rate in UAE is 5 percent. The other two VAT Rates in UAE are 0 percent and exempted VAT.  There are currently three major VAT rate brackets. Depending on the supply carried out by the businesses, these will be VAT-able Read more about VAT Rates in UAE[…]


Difference between Zero Rated VAT vs Exempted VAT

Zero rated VAT vs Exempt VAT Zero rated VAT & exempted VAT are different from each other. Zero rated VAT in UAE means you must charge VAT at 0% to your customers. Exempt VAT means you must NOT charge VAT. The implementation of VAT is set to be on 1 January 2018, being imposed on certain goods Read more about Difference between Zero Rated VAT vs Exempted VAT[…]

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