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VAT Registration Services

SAB Auditing is offering VAT registration services in Dubai, UAE to get the Tax Registration Number (TRN) for your company in UAE. It is compulsory for all the companies and individuals having annual turnover of DH 375,000 or more to register for VAT in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE government implemented VAT from January 1, 2018. All individuals and companies meeting the above mentioned threshold limit must register for VAT to continue conducting business activities in any emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

In UAE, the registration process for VAT is an online one and anyone that wants to register for VAT can visit the online portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and can start the VAT registration process. There are a number of aspects which the applicant should consider before proceeding with the VAT registration process like whether to opt for mandatory registration or the voluntary one, register as a standalone or part of a Tax Group etc. 

Importance of VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE

Most important reasons that define why VAT registration is considered as an essential part are:

  • It boosts the business profile
  • It averts financial penalties
  • One may claim for VAT refunds
  • It helps to grab a mass market

VAT Registration Process in UAE

To initiate VAT registration in UAE, one must fill the VAT Registration form online and submit the essential documents required along with the form in order to attain VAT Number. The entire registration process takes place on an online platform. Let’s have a look at the documents.

Documents for VAT Registration in UAE

The documents required for VAT Registration in UAE include:

  • Copy of trade license
  • Passport copy of business owner and partners
  • Copy of Emirates ID held by owner and partners
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company
  • Company contact details
  • Bank account details
  • The income statement for the last 12 months
  • Nature of business and activities performed

UAE VAT Registration Online

The online registration for VAT in UAE can be done through the VAT registration portal available on the website of The steps to be considered while doing an online registration involves filing:

  • About the Applicant
  • Details of the Applicant
  • Contact Details
  • Banking Details
  • Business Relationship (optional)
  • About the VAT Registration
  • Declaration
  • Review and Submit

Once the application is submitted, the FTA will review the information and documents submitted, and if everything is found to be satisfactory, the application will be approved, and a Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be allotted.

What is VAT Certificate?

VAT Certificate is a document that serves as an official confirmation that a business entity is registered under the VAT law for the purpose of tax collection at every step of product development. This certificate is the final step after the VAT registration process, and is issued by the Ministry of Finance and has got a unique number for different business entities registered. 

VAT certificate UAE is a proof of business entities being registered under the UAE Tax Law and assures that the business entity is known by the Government of Emirates. Let’s have a look at the contents of the VAT certificate.

Contents of VAT Certificate

A VAT Certificate holds the following essentials:

  • VAT Registration Number
  • Date on which the business entity became VAT registered
  • Issue date
  • Registered address
  • First VAT return period
  • VAT return due date
  • Start and end dates of tax periods

Penalty for Non-Registration under VAT

Any company that misses the VAT Registration Number cut off date or fails to complete the VAT registration process under the deadline set by the Federal Tax Authority must undergo a VAT fine of late VAT registration of AED 10,000.

VAT Group Registration

VAT Group Registration is a tax registration process where two or more business parties club together to form a group, with a motive of paying a single tax. By registering under the Group VAT scheme, the businesses under consideration get a single VAT number and can file a single return. 

A VAT group allows people and entities that are closely linked financially, economically and organizationally to operate as a single VAT person.

The following prerequisites need to be fulfilled by the concerned parties to form a VAT group:

  1. Each party should have a place of establishment or a fixed establishment in the UAE [‘place of establishment implies a location where a business is legally established in the UAE or where significant management decisions are taken and central management functions are conducted; ‘fixed establishment’ implies a location where a person conducts one’s business regularly or permanently, including branches]
  2. The concerned parties should be related at economic, financial or regulatory level
  3. One or more persons conducting business in the VAT group shall control the others

SAB Auditing – VAT Services

SAB Auditing has been a prominent player in dealing with the accounting and taxation services for business entities be it a startup or an established company. Understanding the importance and need for VAT Services for new and existing business entities, we deliver a wide range of VAT services including VAT registration services in Dubai. Few of these are:

  • VAT registration and VAT Group registration
  • VAT compliance and control
  • VAT filing and payment
  • Data record and management
  • Accounting

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