Federal Tax Authority (FTA) wants the following elements to be essentially mentioned on the bill/invoice/receipt, that is the amount paid as Value Added Tax (VAT) and also the Tax Registration Number (TRN) of the company.

A tax invoice must include the name and address of the company. An invoice must have a tax invoice number or a unique number and date of issue, which enables identification of the tax invoice and the order of the invoice in any sequence.

Do not pay Value Added Tax (VAT) if your bill or invoice does not have these elements.


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8 thoughts on “No TRN, No VAT

  • As a new start up we do not meet the threshold amount for VAT registration at present. Our question is the stores we supply to add VAT on our products at their end and then deduduct this from the net sales paid to us. If we cant or are not eligible for vat yet, then we are losing out as our sales our being reduced by 5% for each sale we make through a store. Is this correct?

  • Hi, good afternoon. we are new open company real estate in dubai, we would like to know how we can registered to get TRN that we need to registred DEWA as requred, if we havent still annual income?
    Please give advise.


    • Your company is a start up company, you do not have to register for VAT but you have to organize your accounts in a standardized way. SAB is offering best Accounting and Bookkeeping services to keep your records properly. Contact us!

  • If I currently do not meet the threshold to register for VAT and I only provide zero rated services, in terms of invoice name, should I issue a “Tax Invoice” or just a regular “Invoice”?

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